Getting to Know Us

Best Franchise Australia is Australia’s No. 1 Franchise Site. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for everything on franchising and business in general.

Franchising is a beautiful business model. It offers the entrepreneur rare opportunities that they would not have had access to if they choose to set out from scratch. They can get their businesses off the ground almost immediately by being a part of an already established brand.

The fascinating thing about franchising is that it is beneficial to both parties – the franchisor and the franchisee. On the franchisor’s side, they get to have their business expand far and wide – to places where they might not have had the capacity to expand. They save scarce resources yet get to earn from the revenue that their franchisees generate. Then, they enjoy business preservation. 

Furthermore, the franchise model enables them to put the goodwill and reputation that they have built over time into good use. Customers also benefit. Top-rated brands that are far away are brought close to them by franchisees.

It is to properly guide you on everything franchise that we created best Franchise Australia. We engage in a wide range of things.

What Do We Do?


The franchise is wide – and there is a lot to know and research about. But entertain no worries as we have got you covered. We engage in thorough research on different franchising business areas, coming up with new methods of doing things. Our research is quite quantitative as it boasts wide coverage; it is also qualitative in that it is rich in topics and contents. We carry out this research through several means, including general and targeted surveys and direct interviews. As a result, we have built a body of knowledge across customer service and experience, brand building, product development and management, strategy development and much more. We then present all of these complex things to you in the most basic, digestible format.

Advisory and Education

As you know, there is a vast amount of knowledge required to become successful at franchising. However, most of the knowledge is not accessible. We are here for you, as we have provided all of the knowledge in the most understandable format. From getting to own, run, manage and eventually sell your franchising business, we are here for you. Our contents are designed to help anyone understand all the parts and areas involved in owning and building an amazing franchise business.


One way to begin with franchising is to know the actual companies involved in it. Many people do not know of the best franchising companies out there. As a result, we curate some of the most amazing franchising businesses we can find around.


Through our events and programs, people with interests in franchising and business development get to meet. Thus we can facilitate the development of communities and partnerships.