Top 10 By Brand

The Top 10 Franchise by Brand

One of the most important things that set a company apart from others is its branding. The overall perception of a company in public will be a big factor because it will influence the upline and bottom-line. A financial value is attached to this in the form of “Goodwill.”

Here, we include, in no particular order, the top 10 franchises by brand, in Australia.

1. Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses have quite a history behind them. The company was established as far back as 1901 in Melbourne, through a joint venture between Ferguson and Plarre.

Ever since then, the company has maintained an avowed commitment to quality service delivery, making it quite popular all around Australia and has made in-roads into the US and UK. One of the reasons for their success is that they still ensure product quality and taste and top-notch customer service despite devolving into a franchise structure.

2. Jim's Cleaning Group

Jim’s Cleaning Group is a growing cleaning service franchise. It is present all across Australia in almost 900 outlets, with plans underway to expand to the UK. 

Existing for over 30 years, services it offers under its franchise include commercial and residential cleaning and car detailing and cleaning. Taking up a franchise agreement with Jim’s Cleaning gives one access to a highly reputable name and a very supportive team.

3. Mister Minit

Present in over 250 locations across Asia and the Australian, Mister Minit is a market leader in retail repairs services including key cutting, duplication and engraving, watch and shoe repairs. With Mister Minit, you have access to training, marketing and a fast-growing brand.

4. Smartline Mortgage Advisors

Smartline is a multiple award-winning mortgage and insurance broker. It provides brokerage services for residential and commercial mortgages, and general and equipment insurance.

When you become a broker under Smartline, you get access to various banks, credit unions, and building societies, amongst other lenders, who pay Smartline brokers both upfront commissions for lending borrowers. Brokers under this franchise also receive regular commissions – which serve as viable passive income and stable revenue source.

5. Kwik Kopy

Present across 104 centres, Kwik Kopy, provides printing and design services to SMEs. Signing on with Kwik Kopy gives you access to a strong, well-recognised brand that provides marketing and training support, as well as expert consultation.

6. Snooze

Passionate about helping people achieve healthier lives through healthy sleep? Then keying into an established brand like Snooze is the way to go. Snooze franchises sell bedding specialities and materials, geared at giving people the most comfortable sleep. 

By signing onto Snooze, you have access to exclusive partnerships with the best bedding material manufacturers in Australia and abroad.

7. Dream Doors Kitchens

Kitchen repairs, renovation and beautification, is big business. Interestingly, you can help people achieve their dream kitchens at just a fraction of the costs through the Dream Doors Kitchen franchise. As a franchise, you join a fast-growing business (21% p.a.), get marketing support and massive discounts on materials and tools.

8. Snap Printing

Another print and design franchise. Snap Printing offers the opportunity to start your printing business immediately while being part of a trusted brand (over 100 years), ongoing training, and professional network support.

9. Snap-on Tools

Snap-on is a global producer of high-end machinery, equipment and tools with particular presence in over 150 locations in the USA, New Zealand and Australia.

Becoming a Snap-on franchisee enables you to become an exclusive technician of its products. You have access to a dedicated Sales Development Manager (SDM), quality training, amongst others.

10. Chatime

The most extensive “teahouse” franchise globally, Chatime provides fresh iced tea to hundreds of thousands of people all across Australia daily. When you sign up, you have access to a well-loved brand with loyal customers, very close-knit staff support and potential for high-growth (an average of 20% year-on-year).

Becoming a Snap-on franchisee enables you to become an exclusive technician of its products. You have access to a dedicated Sales Development Manager (SDM), quality training, amongst others.