Top 10 By Expansion

The Top 10 Franchise by Expansion

When you choose a brand, you will want to go for one with an extensive reach. However, not only that, you will prefer one with fast growth and expansion. Thus, we present the top 10 franchises by expansion.

1. Jim's Cleaning Group

A fast-growing cleaning service franchise. It is available in at least 850 locations all over Australia. This expansion has made it quite popular, meaning that keying into their franchise will give you access to a well-known brand. In no time, you can start to spread across multiple locations.

The services Jim’s Cleaning Group offer include all types of cleaning – commercial, residential and even automobile.

2. Smartline Mortgage Advisers

Helping people land suitable mortgage and insurance deals on the one hand, and helping lenders and insurance companies get access to the right customers. The business model enables franchisees to earn a one-time fee for landing borrowers or lenders. Then, they also continue to earn on these borrowers.

With Smartline Mortgage, you enable people to attain their dream homes and secure their financial future; in the process, you are also earning stable, consistent revenue.

3. Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses

Is delighting people by providing high-quality baked products with your passion? Then, Ferguson Plarre might be the perfect franchise for you. The company will be responsible for recipe and ingredient selection, ensuring product quality.

4. Snap-on Tools

A unique franchise enables expert technicians to provide technical and engineering services to clients using its high-end tools. As part of this franchise, you will have access to a truly trusted yet fast-growth brand, comprehensive one-time and continuous training and much more.

5. Mister Minit

If you want to build a business out of helping people solve basic real-life basic problems, you should consider doing such with a big brand like Mister Minit.

Mister Minit is a 64-year old business that helps people repair wares such as watches and shoes, including key engraving and duplication. Particularly they are the global leaders in after-sale car key duplication. The focus of its franchise program is not on capital investment, but in helping franchisees deploy their skills to solve people’s problems.

6. Kwik Kopy

Helping small businesses carry out design printing and design works that showcase their customers’ services is what Kwik Kopy does best.

One unique thing about this franchise is the staff support system you get access to. Rather than one support staff, you have a team dedicated to ensuring your franchise business succeeds.

7. Snooze

Good sleep is a precursor to good health. Thus, doing a business out of helping people get healthy sleep is good business. Snooze uses a network of franchises to sell healthy sleeping accessories and equipment.

With Snooze, you get access to a truly global business that you can leverage for international expansion.

8. Dream Doors Kitchens

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house, as crucial activities go there. This is why it deserves the best attention possible.

However, people don’t have to spend so much to get your kitchen up to taste as Dream Doors Kitchen makes it its goal to do just that. You can key into that vision through a franchise that gives you access to a business expanding by more than 20% growth rate per annum.

9. Expense Reduction Analysts

Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) have built a business out of helping others build successful and amazing businesses. As a franchisee with ERA, you offer business development consultancy services to struggling SMEs, helping them achieve survival and sustainability.

10. Snap Printing

By taking up a franchise agreement with Snap Printing, you can immediately set up a printing and design business. In its over a 100 years of doing business, Snap Printing has built a reputation for excellent service delivery, something you will automatically be keying into.