Top 10 By Lifestyle

The Top 10 Franchise by Lifestyle

In this category, we provide franchise brands that have helped entrepreneurs enjoy proper lifestyles while still building their businesses.

1. Smartline Mortgage Advisers

If you sign up with Smartline Mortgage Advisers, you get to link lenders to mortgage seekers. In the same vein, you also assist people in bagging the best insurance deals available.

You will get double compensation for this; a one-time fee for securing the clients, and recurring commissions from their mortgage repayments or regular insurance contributions.

2. Jim's Cleaning Group

Jim’s Cleaning Group is a fast-growing cleaning service franchise in over 850 locations. Jim’s Cleaning Group covers include all types of cleaning – commercial, residential and even automobile.

When you key into this franchise, you get access to a well-known and recognised brand.

3. Expense Reduction Analysts

Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) have built a business out of saving struggling businesses and helping people build strong and successful businesses.

By signing up with ERA, you get to offer business development consultancy services to SMEs undergoing business challenges, helping them achieve survival and sustainability.

4. Kwik Kopy

A design and printing business that helps people to get their printing jobs done at the most affordable rates. A company with quite some history and track record is spread across over 90 locations and provides an array of support for the franchises under it.

5. City Farmers Mobile Dogwash

Being a franchisee with the City Farmers Mobile Dogwash Company presents several opportunities. It lets you be your boss. It gives pet lovers a perfect chance to put their passion for profiting. And then it gives you ultra-flexible hours.

6. Snap Printing

Snap Printing aims to assist businesses of all kinds in bringing their abstract ideas into life by designing and printing them properly.

7. Mister Minit

Mister Minit is in the business of helping people fix their repair problems. If you sign up to its franchise, you can help repair their fashion accessories such as shoes and watches. You can also help them engrave and duplicate their keys.

8. Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses has built over a century track record in facilitating quality service delivery in bakery and foodservice. This has made it gain popularity all around Australia; thus, it has expanded into the United States and the United Kingdom. Despite the growth, the company still ensures that it keeps its original tastes and recipe uniform.

9. Snooze

Good sleep invariably leads to good health. And Snooze has built a business around helping people achieve quality sleep time by retailing some of the best sleep materials and bedding accessories we can find around. Snooze has developed exclusive retail rights to some of the very best bedding materials makers on the way to doing this. 

10. Snap-on Tools

Snap-on makes top-of-the-range, high-end machinery, equipment and tools. It has a particular presence in the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

Because its tools are high-end, they need specialist technicians and technologists to install, manage, fix and handle them. Thus Snap-on has adopted a franchise system to enable technicians to become exclusive handlers of its machines and equipment. They will be properly trained to become one and then set up to be both merchants and technicians.