Top 10 By Support

The Top 10 Franchise by Support

One benefit that entrepreneurs who adopt the franchise business model get out of is that they have access to a lot of support from the franchising business. This supper ranges from technical to marketing and training. We present here the top 10 franchises in terms of the support they render to their franchisees.

1. Jim's Cleaning Group

Jim’s Cleaning Group has built a business around helping people get their immediate and remote environment cleaned. Whether it is commercial space or the residential home or even the client’s car, Jim’s Cleaning franchises will get it done in the best possible way.

Jim’s Cleaning Group offers some of the best support services to its franchisees. There is initial training support, and then there is continuous support that goes on for at least a whopping eight years.

2. ActionCOACH Australia

The goal of ActionCOACH is to create astute and effective business leaders. Amongst other things, they help businesses to become more effective, achieve more profitability, eliminate stress and build strong teams. Because of the important work, they have expanded to at least 80 countries, and people passionate about building strong businesses can be coaches under a franchise arrangement. 

The support ActionCOACH renders is quite strong – from thorough training to marketing support covering website hosting, domain emails, strategy support and much more.

3. Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash

The primary business of Aussie Pooch used to be mobile dog washing; however, it has branched into other areas, including dog grooming and mobile dog cookie preparation. Passionate about pets? This might be the perfect franchise for you.

When you become a franchisee, you undergo first-time and ongoing training and general advertising on social media.

4. Smartline Mortgage Advisers

Smartline has built a business helping people achieve their goals of owning homes through a mortgage while helping them secure their financial futures through insurance.

As franchisees, you get to access both short term and long term training support and mentorship and marketing strategy development.

5. Mister Minit

Mister Minit provides quality repair services for people’s wares. Amongst other things, they fix shoes, watches, keys and much more.

Their franchise program trains those who sign up from beginner to professional level. Franchisees also get access to a wide network of customers (over 3 million per annum).

6. Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses

The ancient baking company provides quality baked products serving several thousand customers daily through its international franchises network.

One big way Ferguson Plarre supports its franchisees is that they don’t get to pay any royalty fee. This saves them a lot of costs that they can pour into their business. They also have access to training and joint marketing.

7. Kwik Kopy

Kwik Kopy has built a legacy out of design and printing advisory and consultancy for businesses. Members are properly trained and also given additional marketing support at no charge.

8. Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA)

Doing good and earning at the same time are the building blocks of ERA. With ERA, you get to utilise your problem-solving capabilities into helping businesses recover from rough phases and emerge strong. For your services, you get paid.

ERA supports you with initial training and. 12-month course. You will also be charged an annual marketing fee that will be deployed to advertise your services aggressively.

9. Dream Doors Kitchen

Dream Doors kitchen aims to give people their dream kitchens and interiors at a fraction of what they would normally get it at. Franchisees here are offered monthly marketing allowance. This is in addition to thorough training and an array of support staff available for guiding the franchisee.

10. Snap Printing

By signing up with Snap Printing, you get to set up a printing and design business that caters for businesses of varying sizes. Importantly, it’s your key into the reputation of excellent service delivery that Snap Printing has built over the years. You will be supported with training and aggressive marketing across all channels.